Drury Place at Alvamar - Your Best Years Start Here!
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We love it when our residents and family members have good things to say about Drury Place and here's a few of the most recent comments we have received that we would like to share with you.

"Dear Sandy,             
The smooth transition that my mother, Lucy Herman, has been able to make since moving to Drury Place has been very comforting and actually a bit surprising.  Much of her success with this move is due to her own personal fortitude, strong will and deter-mination.  However, this easy move would not have been possible without you and your staff who have welcomed her with open arms, and provided her with assistance, support and guidance.  I am very relieved that she is living in safe surroundings, provided with nutritious meals, has staff to help her with cleaning and local travel needs and has opportunities for socialization.  Everyone on your staff has always been helpful and courteous.  Both she and I feel this has been the best decision for her Lawrence living  arrangements. 

"We had the best time visiting with my mom while my brother and sister in law were in Lawrence. We were in and out of Drury Place for almost a week and were always made to feel so welcome by Sandy and all of the staff. We attended the Fall Festival and enjoyed the great food and entertainment. What a great job everyone does to make Drury Place a good place for my mom to call home!!" 

"While at Central National Bank I worked with Sandy and Drury staff on a number of programs at Drury Place. Probably the most fun was conducting Bingo once a month for the residents. Two bank staff  would participate - one calling Bingo and the other working the room with the residents and giving out gifts to the game winners. The residents were so much fun and very appreciate that we would give our time to be a part of their day. Staff at the bank were always anxious to sign up and loved helping out.   I also was a Notary for the residents who couldn't get out and either go to their bank or didn't have a bank available to them. I did this on a volunteer basis and met some really great people. It was a joy to work with them."   

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