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More testimonies from our residents and family members sharing their appreciation for Drury Place at Alvamar

“The thing I like best is the openness and small community.  I can easily get to the dining room and common areas.  Also, when the staff says that they are going to do something, they get it done.”

“I moved here because a friend lived here and if he chose Drury Place then it was good enough for me too.  I really like the other residents and the staff members.  I don't know of a better place for me than Drury Place”

"I moved here with my husband several years ago.  I like the openness, everything is easy to get to, and there are no hallways to walk through to get where I want to go.  Also, the apartments all have a full kitchen.  I don't cook anymore, but it's nice to know I can if I want to!”

“I like the small community and the openess of the floor plans, everything is right there.”

“My daughter chose Drury Place and I had a friend that already lived here.  It's a small place and everyone knows each other.”

"Dear Sandy,
    I believe I see where and know how your are going with Drury Place, and Good For You!  "Interim" makes it look likely that I can stay here in the future as I age and become less able but still wanting to participate as I can.  Thanks the change!  And for all you do.  Good for Interim!"   

    We are more than grateful for your extreme generousity.  Thank You.  Additional appreciation for multi acts of kindness from your staff members and residents.  All combined - Awesome!   
Glenn and Connie

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